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Planning Mapping Constraints

Free Drag & Drop national mapping constraints to enhance and support your Planning Application. There will inevitably be some form of external restriction or constraint attached to the site area you are surveying or have under development. Let Portable Mapper do the hard work for you. Simply complete your Survey then just drag & drop the constraints over the top to create a professional looking drawing and report. Find in our Download area

Drag & Drop Mapping Constraints listed below

Nature Designations from Portable Mappers Urban Forestry software


  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest

  • Special Protection Areas

  • Special Areas of Conservation

  • Ramsars

  • National Nature Reserves

  • Local Nature Reserves

Why include these Mapping Constraints ?

Just occasionally you'll find yourself working either in or on the fringes of one of these constraint areas. And you need to know exactly where the boundary lies for many reasons. Likewise when it comes to printing no plan or drawing would be complete with something this important omitted.

Portable Mapper have pulled together all the latest UK constraints for you in to one simple drag and drop file. And best of all they are free. Just visit our Download area to find them. No catch. No adverts. No popups.

Some might say 'I can get all this information myself because it's freely available'. This is true but if you're busy then maybe you can't spare the time or don't have the expertise. Portable Mapper have done this for you so you don't have to.

How reliable are these datasets ? All have either been downloaded from the national bodies that create the data or from the government's own data download site. Within your downloaded files you'll find a text file telling you the source and the date it was last updated.

Are there any restrictions using this data ? All datasets are subject to the OGL (Open Government License) which allows you to adapt, use, copy and print as you wish without any cost or restrictions so long as we include the attribution; 'Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 ' somewhere.

Interrogating the data. These datasets show every individual constraint. Some may only be a few meters across, some may be thousands of meters. Each one has its own attributable data and that data can be viewed and interrogated using Portable Mapper's standard tools.

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