Downloadable Apps & Files

From here you can Download the very latest Portable Mapper Software, including a 7 Day FREE Trial of our BS3998 Tree Condition and BS5837 Tree Survey Software together with Maintenance Patches and a selection of complementary drag and drop Mapping Constraints for Planning. Designed for Windows 10/11 onwards. 



  • Download Instructions

  • Program Apps

Download instructions

  • Antivirus & VPN Software  Some Antivirus and Virtual Private Network software will prevent these Apps from downloading and/or installing. This is quite common with new software. Should you encounter any download problems please temporarily switch these features off and/or create an exception or rule to allow the download to continue and install.

  • Choose your App  Select a Portable Mapper App to Download and Install. Apps are stored on the secure Portable Mapper Google Drive. All Portable Mapper Apps are guaranteed virus and malware free.

  • Save to Desktop  : When a 'Save As' popup window appears please select your Desktop for preference. Now click 'Save'. At the bottom of the screen you will find the App Download progress.

  • Download Complete  Locate the App on your Desktop and Unzip or Extract it to your Desktop.

  • Installation  Double click the  .exe  file and then follow the on screen instructions. Once installation is complete please remember to switch your Antivirus and/or your VPN back on.

Program Apps

 Portable Mapper Version 1-22-6 Free Trial  for Windows 10 or 11 tablets, laptops and desktops. This is the latest fully operational and feature rich program incorporating the BS 5837 Tree Survey Software and BS 3998 Tree Condition & Works modules. This free trial will self activate when installed and stop after 7 days. Contact us if you need longer. If you wish to continue using the program after this period without loss of data then please contact Portable Mapper to purchase a license key. File size approx 2.6Gb. 

 Portable Mapper Version 1-22-6 for Existing Users  and Windows 10 or 11 tablets, laptops and desktops. This is the latest fully operational and feature rich program. See our News and Blog pages for the list of changes. Existing users can download and install this for free but please refer to the upgrade instructions highlighted below in red. Follow these instructions to avoid any loss of data. Modules will be re-activated based on the license you purchased. File size approx 2.6Gb.

Portable Mapper Natural Designations Download ( FREE )

This will install all the designations in your  C:/PortableMapper/data  folder. There are 3 files :

  • Natural_Designations.txt  This 1Kb file contains the data sources.

  • Natural_Designations.qlr  This 209Kb file should be dragged and dropped over your Portable Mapper layer list near the top.

  • Natural_Designations.gpkg  This 600Mb file stores all the raw data.


NOTE: Version v1-22-6 has changed substantially from v1-22-4 and earlier releases. DO NOT attempt to uninstall earlier versions and/or overwrite with this new version without backing up your files first.

To ensure no loss of settings or data we strongly recommend you carry out a backup using the 'Backup & Close' Tool lower left of screen. The backup folder can be found here  C:\PortableMapper\data\backup  Why not also take a copy of this folder and store it on a USB or separate drive, away from the host computer should the unthinkable happen and your computer crashes or even worse is later stolen. Computers can be replaced - your data can't so easily. Hopefully you would already be doing something like this as part of your daily / weekly backup routine. 



Instructions :


  1. Rename (right click) the folder  C:\PortableMapper  to  C:\PortableMapper_dont_delete

  2. Use the task bar 'Search' to find and run the Windows 'Add & Remove Programs' utility. Find Portable Mapper from the list and Uninstall. This should remove your desktop shortcut together with the QGiS and ODA folders from this directory  C:\Program Files (x86)  Please do double check they're gone. If not delete manually.

  3. Install Portable Mapper v1-22.6 using the button and instructions at the top of this page.

  4. From the old directory  C:\PortableMapper_dont_delete  copy the folders  export, import, key & temp and paste them in to the new  C:\PortableMapper  directory, over-writing the files already there.

  5. Open the text file C:\PortableMapper\key\license.txt and on line 2 change to v1-22-6

  6. From the old directory  C:\PortableMapper_dont_delete\data  copy the files; Mastermap, projects, sketchpad, Topographical, Tree_Survey, Tree_Risk_Assesmt, UK_Habitat_Classification and paste them in to the new  C:\PortableMapper\data  directory over-writing the files already there.

  7. From the new  C:\PortableMapper\data  directory delete  BS3998_Tree_Condition   &   BS5837_Tree_Survey

  8. In the same directory Rename  Tree_Survey  to  BS5837_Tree_Survey  and  Tree_Risk_Assesmt  to  BS3998_Tree_Condition.



This will ensure all your settings and data are transferred across to the new release.​