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Portable Mappers Ecology & Tree Survey Mapping Page

Base Program - Mapping

For a smooth, seamless and splutter free map navigational experience, Portable Mapper comes pre-installed with four full GB coverage digital mapping datasets from Ordnance Survey Right down to street level. What's more we give you free access to Ordnance Survey's online Mastermap service too. With Portable Mapper’s Ecology & BS5837 Tree Survey software Mapping never looked so good.



  • Why include maps ?

  • Mapping included

  • Mastermap Live Streaming Service

  • Aerial imagery Live Streaming

  • British Grid Tiles & References

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Essential BS5837 Tree Survey & Ecology Mapping Software for an Arborist, Tree Surveyor, Tree Officer or Ecologist | Portable Mapper | Mold

Why include Maps ?

The last thing you want to see when you're out on site surveying is your maps spluttering and the dreaded loading icon appear due to poor internet connectivity.


Yet surprisingly most survey software providers still don't include the maps, instead relying on a streaming service so they don't have to worry about keeping their maps updated.

Here at Portable Mapper we firmly believe you should have enough mapping on your device to be able to navigate down to street level. So that's why we include mapping.

The following mapping data sets are provided to you for free to use and print without restriction. They are licensed under the Open Government Licence (OGL) and are pre-installed with Portable Mapper. Keep an eye on the Downloads page for map updates.

Mapping included

Great Britain Overview. As the name implies this is a course mapping dataset showing the larger towns and cities, country boundaries and primary routes. Perfect as a starting point. This is a Raster dataset made up of pixels or small coloured dots.


Miniscale. A mid range dataset showing the locations of smaller towns. Suitable for general but not detailed route planning. Also a Raster dataset made up of pixels or small coloured dots.


Raster 250k. Even more detail showing smaller towns and larger villages. This is a Raster dataset made up of pixels or small coloured dots.


Local Maps. A 1:10,000 scale detailed road level vector map showing all roads, villages and buildings. This dataset contains point, line and shape objects rather than dots. Each object on the map can be interrogated and snapped to when drawing.

In addition ....

Codepoint.  A dataset of Postcode areas for the whole of Great Britain. For those occasions where you might be short of location co-ordinates but you do know the site postcode. Our Postcode finder            will take you straight there.

Postcode locator from Portable Mapper's Ecology & Tree Survey Software

Mastermap Live Streaming Service

Portable Mapper provides you with a live link to Ordnance Survey's Mastermap data streaming service.


This is for online viewing purposes only and as a consequence printing is not permitted. The Mastermap layer will automatically be switched off by Portable Mapper when you come to print.


We provide this live streaming service to you for free but of course this premium service can't be provided on an unlimited basis. It will automatically be suspended when the Portable Mapper monthly data allowance limit is reached but renews at the same time every month.

Essential BS5837 Tree Survey & Ecology Mapping Software for an Arborist, Tree Surveyor, Tree Officer or Ecologist | Portable Mapper | Mold

Aerial imagery Live Streaming

And last but not least Aerial Imagery. Something we all need and use regularly either in the office or out on site. Portable Mapper provide you with a live link to the online streaming service from Google. But we've added one useful feature you'll like. A transparency slider so you can for example see the Mastermap layer or your Site Plan at the same time.

British Grid Tiles & Tile References

Portable Mapper British National Grid Image

What is a British Grid and why is it important ?


With the world being round (well almost) that does create some difficulties for those producing maps. So to make life easier most countries have their own flat plane projected co-ordinate reference system (CRS) like a flat square piece of card sitting on top of a ball.


Here in Great Britain we use the British National Grid. Often referred to as BNG or more correctly on the world stage as CRS EPSG:27700


Portable Mapper provide you with a full set of National Grids starting at 100km square ( As per the picture shown ) and automatically going right down to 5km square depending on scale. Each grid being automatically labelled in accordance with Ordnance Survey's Tile Reference system. There's a great example of how this works Here.


These Grids and Maps seamlessly change from one to another as you zoom in and out. 


If an imported file isn't geo-referenced ( has no location information attached ) then it will typically appear off the coast of Cornwall at Eastings 0 and Northings 0.


Co-ordinates being traditional written as 6 figure Eastings (bottom numbers) and 6 figure Northings.

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Essential BS5837 Tree Survey & Ecology Mapping Software for Arborists, Tree Surveyors, Tree Officers & Ecologists