• Gareth Shedden

Tree Shadows

A popular request this one which we're pleased to say is now available as a FREE program update on our Downloads page.

Perfect for Arboricultural and Landscape Professionals including those involved in Parks, Gardens and Ground Maintenance. Portable Mapper accurately reproduces Tree Shadows which can then be used to further support your Planning Application. We do however recommend you contact your Local Planning Officer before submission to clarify application entry requirements.

Portable Mapper creates your Tree Shadows on a flat terrain using the location, height and crown shape of each individual tree. You choose the time of day from a selection of normal working hours preset buttons. The date being fixed to the summer solstice, the longest daylight hours day.

Click the video play button below to see this in action.

The image below shows an Ordnance Survey Mastermap background with the Tree Crown coloured by Tree and Works Category, Root Protection Area coloured Red and green hatching to represent similar trees grouped together. All produced in Portable Mapper.


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