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Server License

Respond Smarter & Faster to Clients by cutting out the un-necessary duplication and shortening the survey response time.  Simply by sharing your Tree Survey Data instantly with the Office or any number of your Colleagues using Portable Mapper’s low cost and innovative Map Server technology. Create a single manageable and up to date office based database of all tree data sent from your on site surveyors.

Key Benefits

  •  Live Sharing with Work Colleagues. No matter where you are in the world (Providing you both have either a stable wifi or mobile connection) your work colleague or employer can see your survey data as if they were there on site with you. This could be invaluable for example to sign off a project as soon as it's been completed and forward direct to the client or, even to seek your colleagues advice with both of you seeing the same thing at the same time.

  • Instantaneous office server synchronisation. No more waiting for the survey results to come back to the office with your ecologist or surveyor. As there's a live link between the remote survey device or tablet and the office server then your office team can work on the survey data immediately. This shortens the time frame responding to the client.

  • Avoid work duplication. On many occasions survey data and results will be recorded on site only for someone back at the office to spend more time entering the data again in to their GiS system. Cut out this wasted duplication time by completing the survey out on site using Portable Mapper's easy use interface. Your data instantaneously synchronising with your office server in the correct format. With one client estimating a 40% reduction in labour.

What is Map Server ?


Map Server was developed by Gareth Shedden in 2019 with the help and support of Business Wales. Map Server is a secure and reliable but low cost solution for transmitting and receiving map data across the internet. Particularly suited toward synchronising your mapping based site survey with an office based server and/or other surveyors.


Portable Mapper first incorporated Map Server in late 2021. By default a stand alone and self contained survey program perfect for individuals, sole traders and those seeking software un-reliant on a data connection. We call this the Single User License version.


But add an office based server and Portable Mapper automatically logs on to and synchronises with that server and any other devices * on that network. Note *  This synchronising with other devices feature can be switched off. This is the Server License. For more details please read on. 

Installation Hardware


You will need a dedicated high performance desktop computer of specifications detailed below. Unlike traditional server applications Portable Mapper handheld device communications arrive via one channel. And, as a consequence a server and/or a RAID setup brings no performance gains.


That being said the desktop computer acting as a server will need to process many tasks simultaneously from that one channel. For that we need a lot of RAM, several processors and lots of threading.​ *** Note. Portable Mapper does not supply hardware but can advise. 

operating system

Windows 10 or 11
64 bit ( x 64 )


32 Gb RAM

INTERNAL storage 1

Minimum 256 Gb Solid State Drive

INTERNAL storage 2

Minimum 64 Gb Solid State Drive


Min 8 Core
  • A UPS ( Uninterruptable Power Supply ) Battery Backup or Portable Power Station in case of power outage. Depending on the battery capacity chosen this will either offer time for a controlled shutdown or extended use. To protect your equipment ensure a pure sine wave output is produced.

  • Router & Line. A dedicated router connected directly to the server would be the best and most secure option. As would a dedicated fibre line. If sharing with existing resources then please factor in the increased network traffic.

  • VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) It may be possible to use an extended VPN instead of a dedicated router and line. Your server will see the handhelds as if they are part of your existing network. Please consult with your IT department.

Software Installed


Whilst some tasks can be completed remotely, this installation is best done in situ. Items 1 - 3 are Open Source programs that are free to use, adapt and redistribute commercially. Programs considered amongst the best in the world, adapted and configured by Portable Mapper to work seamlessly together.

  1. Apache 2.5 HTTP Web Server

  2. Postgre SQL Database Manager

  3. QGiS 3.20 Desktop & Server

  4. Configuration & Access files

  5. Portable Mapper Modules

Communication & Security


Communication to and from the server over the net takes place via the FCGID (Fast Common Gateway Interface) program. A secure program that allows multiple and simultaneous server access read write requests. With all traditional HT file web access and API instances being disabled.


The FCGID program then uses the WFS3 Protocol (Web Feature Service) to allow read write access to vector drawings and associated data.

Server access only being granted upon verification of a user name and password provided automatically by the remote Portable Mapper base program. Passwords use a minimum of 16 bit basic encryption. User access is further restricted using a dedicated access rights program.

Data Sharing. By default Portable Mapper is not setup to share your survey data with other users of the server. Whilst the office based server administrator can see everyone's data, users can only see their own. This can be changed upon request to share with all users.

Maintenance. Your server will require very little in the way of ongoing maintenance. For optimum processor performance and longevity leave the server in a cool, damp free and dark room. Updates will install and reboot automatically overnight with routine processes setup for cleaning and performance optimisation. However some updates will require more than one restart so please check every morning.

Installation Cost


Portable Mapper does not supply hardware. Whilst we can advise, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure installed equipment meets the minimum hardware recommendations specified above. For a basic server hardware setup meeting the minimum requirements you would expect to pay in the region of £1,750. Portable Mapper will be responsible for the server software installation points 1 - 5 above. A basic server software installation starts at £2,250. This not include software for any remote or handheld devices. Prices quoted are for guidance only and will be dependant on any specified requirements you might have.

Tree Management Software from Portable Mapper
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