Terms & Conditions

We are a small company and keeping costs low for everyone is important to us.

Therefor we do not offer payment credit terms.

​​Work Request. Work requested that is not a fixed price or a buy now product will adhere to the following process.


Quotation. A quote will be raised outlining the product(s) requested together with the scope of any additional work with realistic time frame for supply and breakdown of costs including if necessary on site attendance costs. These being 45p/mile for travel by car or reimbursement of expected costs for travel by other means, subsistence and/or overnight accommodation which will all be agreed in advance in your quotation. 

Invoice. Upon acceptance of the quote an Invoice will be raised which must be paid in full within 3 working days of the date of invoice in order for your completed work, product or license key to be made available to you. With regards server installations 50% must be paid within 3 working days of the date of invoice with the remaining 50% payable immediately after successful installation. Portable Mapper does not offer credit terms. Failure to pay monies due on time will result in service suspension.

Going Paperless. To help reduce our carbon footprint, paper copies will only be sent out upon request.

Website Membership. Your name and email address will be required for site membership and/or when making a purchase. Your details being held and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy created by Termly. From time to time your details will be used for marketing purposes but will not be shared with third parties. You may un-subscribe at any time from future marketing correspondence. Your membership may be revoked at any time if subsequently found to be created with false information or used for ill intent. You will be informed why membership is revoked. Your membership continues until such a time as you or we terminate that membership.

Download Area. You will have access to any and all program and patch updates. Please check our News page and download area regularly for updates. Critical updates will be circulated by email. You are reminded of your purchased license obligations and restrictions when downloading and installing and any infringements may invalidate your current license and/or involve program shutdown. If in doubt please ask.


Free Trial. From time to time the term of the free trial may be altered. This will be communicated clearly on our website. Free trials are fully functioning single user license programs complete with all modules. Modules and programs are key activated. Any malicious attempt to tamper with or copy the license key and or any part of the Portable Mapper program will constitute a license violation with immediate license and membership suspension. Portable Mapper will tell you how many days are left on your free trial. Upon request we may consider extending the duration of your free trial. 

License definition. You are allowed to make copies of the downloaded Portable Mapper program. In fact we encourage you to do this and regularly back up your data too. However there may only ever be one working instance of Portable Mapper per License Key and that would be restricted to the device on which Portable Mapper was first loaded. If Portable Mapper detects a license violation it will shut down. Licenses last for one calendar year unless specified otherwise. License Keys can be provided upon request and after payment of the appropriate license fee. It is the Base Program that is licensable on a yearly basis. Modules once purchased carry a free perpetual license.

Technical Support. From the moment a license key is provided until 30 days thereafter you are entitled to free technical support. Please use our contact details below within the hours of 9 - 5 Monday to Friday and 9 - 12 on Saturday. We regret that calls and messages left outside these hours may not be answered until the next working day. Before using this service please visit our FAQ page and make every reasonable effort yourself to find a solution. Calls may be recorded and abusive calls or messages may result in termination of your technical support, termination of your site membership and in extreme circumstances license termination.