About Portable Mapper

From the creator of Map Server, a low cost solution for transmitting and receiving map data. We bring you Portable Mapper. Based on a lightweight chassis of QGiS and developed for Tablet/Laptop. It's a low cost, incredibly powerful and versatile Ecology and Tree Survey software package with an unrivalled list tools and features. Add in a large easy use pre-programmed button interface over the top and you have the power of a desktop GiS in your hands and at the touch of a button.

Where did it all begin ?

Our humble beginnings can be traced back to 2018 while searching for a reliable but low cost solution transmitting and receiving map data. For example from multiple portable mapping devices back to a single office based server. The breakthrough came mid 2019 and with the help and support of Business Wales, Map Server was born. 'Huge potential' were their words but we still needed to find that first application.

Not long later and a local business contacted us expressing interest in our software. This would be the first real world application of Map Server. And one which subsequently proved to be very effective in synchronising their site map data with their office.

Continuing to develop the Map Server software myself the next big question was how ? That eureka moment comes at the strangest of times as it occurred to me why not make the software modular based. Create a base program that's either self contained for sole traders or communicates with a server for larger companies wanting to share data, and then simply add survey modules to it as required. With three ecology survey modules to date and two plug in map modules the possibilities are endless and perhaps only limited by my knowledge.

But what about a name for this software application ? Ironically I'd already been using this name to describe to people the process when Map Server was young. And so we have 'Portable Mapper'.

Currently working on plug in map modules for Planning and Cultural constraints but if anyone is interested in developing a plugin ecological survey module then please get in touch at :  admin@portablemapper.co.uk

Welcome from the Company Director / Owner - A bit about me

Portable Mapper owner Gareth Shedden

First a big welcome to Portable Mapper and many thanks for visiting our website. My name is Gareth Shedden, the business founder and owner and here's a little about me and how Portable Mapper came to be.


After studying Mechanical Engineering at Liverpool University I worked with several engineering companies including Witter Towbars as one of their designers and homologation engineers.


As AutoCAD started to appear on the market and seeing its potential, I studied hard, eventually being offered a Lecturer's position at Chester University.

Later an opportunity arose at West Coast Energy, a fast growing wind farm and renewables developer. Heading up a design team providing supporting maps and visualisations for wind farm planning applications spanning over 14 years, we saw the emergence of ArcGiS as a more powerful tool for our mapping and data analysis needs.

In the years that followed I worked with several engineering and fabrication companies developing my programming skills in AutoCAD, ArcGiS and Solid Works, eventually setting up my own successful GiS Business. Whilst here I developed my own unique server / remote client map and data transfer program called Map Server. A program proving quite popular as back office support for businesses.

Working with the ecological and arboricultural sectors and experiencing first hand some of the difficulties encountered by their off the shelf products, the next logical step was to develop software that addressed all these issues. And this is how Portable Mapper came to be. Starting from scratch, throwing the rulebook out the window and creating something very unique in it's design. A modular program that's powerful and almost limitless in how it can be adapted to your own companies specific needs. 


 'Don't settle for an off the shelf product. Time is money and time is wasted on products that don't do the job properly.'


Gareth Shedden

Essential BS5837 Tree Survey & Ecology Mapping Software for Arborists, Tree Surveyors, Tree Officers & Ecologists