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BS 5837 Tree Survey Module

Portable Mapper Interface

Portable Mapper has evolved. Working together with a team of experienced arboricultural experts we bring you the most comprehensive tree survey and tree management software currently available.

  • Windows based for the flexibility to adapt and grow with your business.

  • Connection & Cloud free for tree surveying off grid.

  • Easy to learn and use with large clear tools that guide you through to completing a task.

  • Import, Export & Georeference AutoCAD drawings.

  • Built in Street Level mapping with FREE online access to Mastermap & Aerial Imagery.

  • Accurately produces the Tree Crown and an Editable Root Protection Area.

  • Calculates the CAVAT and Carbon Captured.

  • Tree Management & Inventory.

  • Export Reports, professional looking Drawings and interactively share on Google Maps.

Download the Portable Mapper FREE TRIAL today. Thereafter just £ 18 /month


AutoCAD Compatible. Built in DWG and DXF Import/Export convertor and Geo-referencing Tools.


Feature Rich Toolkit. Measure, Create, Edit, Annotate and Save your own Drawing Features to overlay upon any existing or imported map.


Drawing & Photo Database. Store, Sort, Find and Edit your imported Drawings, Site Plans and Photographs. Found all in one place in Portable Mapper's built in Drawing and Photo Database.


Accurate Tree Locations. BS5837 Tree Survey locations are added by snapping like a magnet to an imported site plan or map or, can be added manually using the inbuilt location tools. Better still, try linking your handheld GPS or smart phone to your device for more precise positioning. Suggest reading this interesting article about GPS and location accuracy provided by many mobile phone manufacturers.


Windows based. For Office compatibility and design flexibility. Install on any Windows 10 or 11 device whether Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.


Connection free for surveying off grid. With no reliance on a data connection or the Cloud your data is safe in your hands.


Customer Support when and where you need it most. Portable Mapper is easy to use and our customers agree. Find out what they have to say about us here Testimonials. With large pre-programmed buttons and popup on screen guidance you won't be stuck for long. For tips, shortcuts and answers to common questions have a look at our FAQ page. And don't forget Portable Mapper customers are entitled to 30 days FREE unlimited technical support too. That's how confident we are in our product.

Editable Root Protection Area. Calculated from the dimensions given this is a sensitive subject and one that provokes emotion. Portable Mapper provide the tools to edit the RPA whilst reminding the user of the change in RPA area. The rest we must leave to you, the professional.


CAVAT & Tree Carbon Sequestration. Calculated using the multi stem formula incorporating structural condition and life expectancy.


Groups of Trees with just a few clicks. Create a single Tree then Clone it as many times as you need. Clone can create groups or patterns of trees for you. Alternatively create a single tree group shape and fill in some basic information.


Tree Group Canopy based on the shape of the trees within. An automatically produced shape surrounding your choice of trees and based on the crown dimensions of each tree.

some basic information.


Automated Reports and Drawings. Site drawings exported to PDF with title block, border and legend at the touch of a button. Professional looking reports automatically generated for each tree. Imagine the time saved.


The images above are for illustration only. The hatched Root Protection Area is calculated using the Multi Stem formula. Tree Canopies coloured by Category. Windthrow/Fall area calculated as height x 118%

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