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Innovative Modular Design Survey Program with an expandable feature rich toolset and unrivalled data capture & database management tools

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Innovative Survey Software that evolves with your Business.
With an ever expanding list of Survey Modules.
Flexible enough to add your own Tools and Features.


Built in Street Level Mapping with online Mastermap access.
Compatible with AutoCAD, Google Maps and many more.
Connect a Dual Frequency GPS Mobile for enhanced location accuracy.
Go Hands Free & Add Comments with just your Voice.
Powerful SQL Database to manage your Survey Data & Drawings.
Extensive Reporting & Drawing Export tools.

Essential BS5837 Tree Survey & Ecology Mapping Software for an Arborist, Tree Surveyor, Tree Officer or Ecologist | Portable Mapper | Mold

What is Portable Mapper ?


A modular design of survey software that's unique and innovative in every way. Software that can be adapted to your current business needs and can grow as your company grows. Can your current software do that ?


Think of Portable Mapper like the building blocks of a house The Base Program is the foundation containing all the main maps, tools and features. A program based on a desktop GiS for incredible power and flexibility. Now add as many Survey Modules as you wish. Modules which all work together in perfect harmony. 

What Survey Modules are available ?


  • Built in AutoCAD drawing converter and geo-referencing tools.

  • Plot tree locations manually, using fixed co-ordinates, by snapping to objects or site plans or by using a paired Bluetooth GPS.

  • Clone tool to easily create complex tree patterns or groups.

  • Capture everything required to comply with a BS5837:2012 Tree Survey in a simple to use dialog box.

  • Add comments using a keyboard, your own handwriting, the inbuilt microphone or add a Bluetooth headset for voice to text.

  • Produce scaled tree trunks, category coloured scaled crown / canopies and editable root protection areas, all from a single tool button.

  • Produce professional looking reports and drawings at the touch of a button.


  • Built in AutoCAD drawing converter and geo-referencing tools.

  • Plot tree locations manually, using fixed co-ordinates, by snapping to objects or site plans or by using a paired Bluetooth GPS.

  • Simple, effective and comprehensive check box style dialog boxes capture all the essential visual assessment criteria necessary to assess the structural integrity and general well being of a tree.

  • Complies with and exceeds the British standard BS3998:2010 for general recommendations on tree work & tree management guidance.

  • Large comments area for capturing site notes or voice to text.

  • Produce scaled tree trunks, category coloured scaled crowns and tree topple areas, all from a single tool button.

  • Produce professional looking and comprehensive reports and drawings at the touch of a button.

  • Reminds you of overdue tasks and inspections.

  • Developed in partnership with a LANTRA qualified tree inspector with over 30 years arboricultural experience.

Ecology & BS5837 Tree Survey Mapping Software | Portable Mapper | Mold
BS3998 Tree Condition Module image from Portable Mapper Ecology & Tree Survey Mapping Program

No Training Required

Portable Mapper has been designed to be easy to use. With large pre-programmed buttons and popup on screen guidance you won't be stuck for long.


But just in case you'd rather have an orderly list of actions to hand then we've also Included a selection of printable worksheets. They cover all the essential tools to get you up to speed. 


For tips, shortcuts and further help have a look at our short video tutorials. You can find them under Help on our website.

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What do our Customers say ?

'It's made all my 45 years as a Tree Surgeon / Trainer Assessor / Mentor worthwhile for BS:3998 Tree Works standards to belong and sit along side BS:5837 Trees in relation to buildings and construction.'


'You're the first company that has put tree works methods standards and conditioning in the right order and a base line for quality of standards to keep H/S at all times and for compliance that we all have to work to in the tree industry may have.'

John Bown

'It is quite simply one of the most user-friendly systems I have ever used.'


'I can see myself using Portable Mapper for my tree surveys for years to come as it provides everything you need to plot tree constraints plans and tree protection plans in conjunction with BS5837'.


'The developer works very hard to meet your needs and is responsive to feedback and recommendations you may have'.

William Green

'I have used Portable Mapper on a Tree Condition survey. I am pleased to say that it is extremely user friendly.'


'I have used a number of different systems to complete my line of work and this is at the top of the list for ease of use.'


'Gareth is so responsive and helpful with any concerns that you raise. I can not praise him enough.'

'Five star happy customer.'

Bill Moxham

Powered by Windows

Portable Mapper works best with Microsoft Windows 10 or 11.


There are many reasons for using Windows but by far the most important are Design Flexibility and Future Expandability.

In business, time is money. And making small changes here and there can make a huge difference. If you need extra data capturing or a specific tool creating then we can do that for you here at Portable Mapper. We'll just create a small self executing patch for you to download and install. There will be a cost of course, but you can then weigh that cost up against time saved out in the field or back at the office.

Portable Mapper's Ecology & Tree Survey Software uses Windows

It's not that simple with Android or iOS. Every change or patch incurs a cost and up to two weeks approval time after we've submitted it. But the bigger problem is a 'Hot-Fix' Android or iOS patch couldn't be applied to just your version as we can with Windows. This makes Android and iOS very secure but frustratingly inflexible. If you ask your current software provider to make changes they'll probably say no. Ask us and we'll say when do you want it done ?


Add in the ease of integration and synchronising with other Windows devices back at the office and suddenly choosing Windows becomes the most sensible option.


Just one problem. Most tablets are not Microsoft. Things are however changing. Since Microsoft introduced it's Surface Pro and subsequently the Surface Go series, manufacturers who were previously strictly Android have started producing Windows models too. Likewise businesses and IT professionals are starting to make the switch too. Attitudes are changing and with the introduction of Windows 11 could we be seeing the tides change ? 

Single User License or Server License

Ecology & Tree Survey Mapping Software License Type

Single User License : For sole traders and individuals who don't need or want to share data with others. To get started simply download the latest free trial from our Downloads page on to your Windows tablet or laptop. This is a free fully operational 7 day trial with all modules activated. 

Server License : For companies requiring an office based server that synchronises with their field based laptops or tablets. Every portable device is installed with the same single user license software referred to above. Once a central server is detected each device will either synchronize direct with the server or with each other or both. Please contact us to discuss your needs in greater detail. 


This is a great option for companies who want and need to maintain a live central database of survey data. As your field operatives portable device will automatically synchronize its geo-referenced data with the central server in real time.


You don't even need the surveyor to be in the office for their line manager to check and approve the surveyed works. Thus turning the work around quicker and making one happy client.