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Purchase Portable Mapper

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you've not already done so please visit our Download page to try out Portable Mapper FREE for 14 days before you buy. Fully functioning with all modules activated and when you decide to buy all your data is simply transferred across to your full licence. Comes complete with 30 days Unlimited Technical Support.

Portable Mapper Tree Survey Software



Every month

Includes Portable Mapper Base Program and all Arboricultural Survey Modules


Here at Portable Mapper we firmly believe software should be affordable to all our customers no matter whether large or small. We also believe in clear and simple pricing. Portable Mapper purchase plans consist of one affordable monthly payment which in turn entitles you to use the modules specified in your chosen plan. No commitment, no minimum contract and you may cancel your plan at any time. When you purchase Portable Mapper for the first time you will sent a user name within 24 hours which you will need to convert your software from a free trial to fully licensed.

Terms & Conditions of Purchase

We are a small company and keeping costs low for everyone is important to us.

Therefor we do not offer payment credit terms.

Website Payments. Portable Mapper use 'WiX Payments' for our online express payments service. Portable Mapper has no access to your financial information when making a purchase. This being wholly administered and managed by WiX. Once your financial transaction is complete you will be sent a digital receipt. 

Personal Details. Portable Mapper have access to your name, email address and/or telephone number when you make a purchase, fill in an online enquiry or subscribe to our mailing list. Your details being held and used in accordance with our 'Privacy Policy ' provided by Termly. Portable Mapper are registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) registration number ZB306365. Your details may be used for internal marketing purposes but will not be shared with or sold on to third parties. You may un-subscribe at any time from future marketing correspondence.

Licensing. Portable Mapper free trial software comes with a 14 day license. During this period you will have access to all modules and all features. Please contact us if you need to extend this free trial period. A full license will be emailed to you within 24 hours of completed payment. Once in receipt of a full license it can not be returned and refunds not given. This is in accordance with governing law regards the supply and use of digital software products. Your full license will activate the Portable Mapper software for the period selected with the modules chosen. Please install your full license key here, overwriting the existing trial license key. C:\PortableMapper\Key\   Restart Portable Mapper for the license key to activate the software. Once installed Portable Mapper must not be transferred or copied to another device. Detected license infringements including attempts to manipulate the license key or Portable Mapper source code will cause your software to lock.

Technical Support. From the moment a full license key is provided until 30 days thereafter you are entitled to free technical support. Contact details can be found at the top of this page. Technical support is available during normal office hours Monday to Friday 9 - 5 and Saturday 9 - 12. We regret that calls or messages outside these hours may not be responded to until the next working day. Please first seek answers to your question(s) by :


1. Following the On Screen guidance

2. Visiting our FAQ webpage for frequent questions and answers.


Calls may be recorded and abusive calls or messages may result in termination of your technical support and/or a refusal to renew your license.

Free Updates. From time to time Portable Mapper release major software updates, minor updates and/or maintenance patches. These are always provided FREE from our 'Downloads' page. Before installing a major product update please contact us first to avoid any loss of your data.


Work Requests. Work requested that is not a fixed price or a buy now product will adhere to the following process.

Quotation. A quote will be raised outlining the product(s) requested together with the scope of any additional work with realistic time frame for supply and breakdown of costs including if necessary on site attendance costs. These being 45p/mile for travel by car or reimbursement of expected costs for travel by other means, subsistence and/or overnight accommodation which will all be agreed in advance in your quotation. 

Invoice. Upon acceptance of the quote an Invoice will be raised which must be paid in full within 3 working days of the date of invoice in order for your completed work, product or license key to be made available to you. With regards server installations 50% must be paid within 3 working days of the date of invoice with the remaining 50% payable immediately after successful installation. Portable Mapper does not offer credit terms. Failure to pay monies due on time will result in service suspension.

Going Paperless. To help reduce our carbon footprint, paper copies will only be sent out upon request.

Portable Mapper is a software supplier. We do not provide hardware although we can advise. Portable Mapper can not be held responsible for failed installations due to hardware not meeting the minimum specifications listed here.

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