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Hardware Specifications

minimum and recommended hardware required

Hardware recommendations to run Portable Mapper. Increase these specifications accordingly for any memory or processor hungry applications you want to use at the same time.

Portable Mapper brings the power, features and flexibility of a desktop GiS to your tablet or laptop. To enjoy these features and flexibility to their full potential Portable Mapper uses Windows 10 or 11. Portable Mapper is the only Tree Management software with this built in flexibility to adapt and change as your company's needs change.

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operating system

Windows 10 or 11
64 bit ( x 64 )

screen size

Minimum 10 inch

screen resolution

Optimised for HD 1920 x 1080 pixels


6 Gb RAM


Single Min 2 Ghz
Dual Min 1.6 Ghz


Minimum 128 Gb Solid State Drive


Recommended to
connect headset &/or GPS
Min Bluetooth 2


Recommended to use
Mobile data conection
Minimum 'n'

data sim card

Recommended if undesirable to use
mobile data conexion

screen stylus

Recommended for
Tablets. Bluetooth Touch & Tilt Sensitive


Recommended for

Minimum 4 Megapixels
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