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The Power, Features & Flexibility of a Desktop GiS optimised for Tablet/Laptop use. These are the Minimum Hardware Recommendations for Portable Mapper’s Ecology & Tree Survey Software. Doesn’t have to be Microsoft but you must stick to the Minimum Spec.
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  • Minimum Recommended Hardware

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Minimum Recommended Hardware

Portable Mapper Ecology & Tree Survey Mapping Software
  •  Screen. Minimum 10 inch. Any less and the user will struggle to operate on screen controls.

  • Resolution. Full HD Screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Portable Mapper has been optimised for this. Using a higher or lower resolution may result in text or icon mis-alignment.

  • Stylus Pen. Bluetooth, pressure and tilt sensitive stylus. A good quality stylus is essential for screen interaction and control. We have pulled together some further reading on Sylus' on our FAQ page, under installation.

  • Storage. Minimum 128 Gb Solid State. These days 64 Gb just isn't big enough to run many applications so we'd suggest the next size up at 128 Gb. Solid state is recommended for field use as traditional discs may skip or get damaged if knocked.

  • Processor. Minimum dual 1.6 GHz. Or a single processor of minimum 2 GHz.

  • RAM. Minimum 6 Gb. Portable Mapper will run well using this however if you intend running multiple large applications then consider upgrading to 8 Gb RAM.

  • Windows 10 or 11 and x64 ( 64 bit ). Many of you may be wondering, 'Why windows' . So much so we've written a post about this.

  • Bluetooth. Minimum version 2. Older versions do not have a good range. Version 2 is widely available with 3 recently released.

  • Wifi Connectivity. Minimum version 'n'. 'n' is widely available with the later AC  being backwards compatible.

  • Mobile SIM Card. Not required for Single User ( Stand Alone or Individual ) Licences of Portable Mapper. If using a handheld to communicate and synchronise with an office based server then please ensure a minimum of a 4g SIM card is fitted.

  • GPS Module. Having a GPS module built in whilst convenient is a costly option. There are plenty of good plug in or Bluetooth alternatives depending on your level of required accuracy and budget. It's not strictly necessary to have a GPS for field survey work although it is highly recommended. There have been a lot of interesting developments recently in the world of mobile phones with regards increased GPS accuracy. Have a read of this post.

  • Camera. Most laptops and tablets come with a camera or reasonable specifications. If you are using yours to capture on site photos then please ensure the resolution is up to scratch. Less than 4 Mb is poor.

  • Travel Case. Rugged and water resistant case with screen protection. Ensure Stylus still works well.

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