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Mapping Installed

Base Program

Hosts your feature rich toolkit, mapping and settings and is the perfect companion for any arboricultural or ecological module you select.

This is where the magic begins . . . .


Thousands of lines of Python computer code work in harmony to produce the Portable Mapper main user interface. With buttons individually programmed to guide you through and complete a task.


Embedded Mapping seamlessly moving and changing depending on zoom scale with built in and easy to use geo-referencing and file conversion tools.

Portable Mapper Interface

And best of all, the flexibility to adapt and grow as your business needs change. Included with any Free Trial or Program Download, The Portable Mapper Base Program is the perfect host for any Survey Module you choose.

Portable Mapper Tree Survey Software Tools

Comprehensive Toolkit

With an extensive set of tools and built in operational guidance you won't be stuck for long.


The Portable Mapper Tree Toolbox requires very little in the way of explanation and is simply a joy to use.


To import georeferenced data simply drag and drop over the Portable Mapper interface. For everything else try our built in conversion and georeferencing tools.


Exports to a variety of formats including professional looking reports and drawings.

Live Streamed Mapping



Portable Mapper provide you with a FREE live link to the Google Maps Aerial Imagery streaming service.


Something you're probably already familiar with and using via your browser but instead conveniently packaged in to an on off switchable transparent layer within Portable Mapper.



We also provide you with a FREE live link to Ordnance Survey's Mastermap Topographical data streaming service. This is for online viewing only and consequently  printing is disabled. 

Summary of main features

  • Windows based for the flexibility to adapt and grow with your company.


  • Worry free Surveying with no reliance on a data connection.


  • Intuitive and quickly up to speed with the on screen guidance.


  • Organise & Geo-reference your CAD Drawings, Maps and Photographs.


  • Smooth map navigation with pre-installed Street Level Mapping


  • Interactively share anywhere and on any device with Google Maps .


  • Connect your Handheld GPS or Mobile Phone via Bluetooth.


  • Add comments with just your voice.


  • Backup your data with confidence using the integrated Backup and Save tool. ( Portable Mapper recommend you take regular backups using this tool, occasionally placing a Backup on a separate device and in a different location. A tablet can be replaced if lost or stolen, your data can't so easily. )

Pre-installed Mapping

For a smooth and seamless map navigational experience, Portable Mapper comes pre-installed with full nationwide coverage of Ordnance Survey's Zoomstack Vector mapping dataset. Right down to street level. Never worry about losing your wifi or mobile connection again.

Map Streaming
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