BS 3998 Tree Condition Management & Recommended Works


The most complete BS3998:2010 Tree Condition & Works Management Tool available.
Developed in partnership with Qualified Tree Inspectors and Arboricultural Members.
Includes a Comprehensive Tree Safety & Risk Assessment Tool.
Easy to use on Site with a Tick Box & Slider Bar style of Data Capture.
Extensive Data Management Toolset includes Re-inspection Reminders. 
Create accurately scaled Tree Crown coloured by Works Category.
Produce professional looking Drawings & Reports.     

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Main Interface of Portable Mapper's Ecology & Tree Survey Software

Welcome to Portable Mapper 

A modular design survey program that's unique and innovative in every way. One that can be adapted to your current business needs and can grow as your company grows.      
Think of Portable Mapper like the building blocks of a house The Base Program is the foundation containing all the main maps, tools and features. A program based on a desktop GiS for incredible power and flexibility. Now add as many Survey Modules as you wish. Modules which all work together in perfect harmony. 

This Module's Key Features

  • Windows based. For Office compatibility and design flexibility. Install on any Windows 10 or 11 device whether Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.


  • AutoCAD CompatibleBuilt in DWG and DXF Import/Export convertor with Geo-referencing Tools.


  • Drawing & Photo DatabaseStore, Sort, Edit and Find your imported drawings, Site Plans and Photographs all in one place within Portable Mapper's built in Drawing & Photograph Database.


  • Feature Rich Tool Set. Measure, Create, Edit, Annotate & Save your own Drawing Features to overlay upon any existing or imported map.


  • Accurate Tree Locations. Add by snapping like a magnet to an imported site plan or map or add manually by co-ordinates. Better still, why not link your handheld GPS or smart phone to your device for more precise positioning. Suggest reading this interesting article about GPS and location accuracy provided by many mobile phone manufacturers.


  • Tree Groups. Don't waste time entering the same details time and time again. Do it once and then use the Clone tool. Clone will even copy groups or patterns of trees for you. But please remember every tree is an individual and as such each tree requires some of your attention.

BS 3998:2010 Compliant set of Visual Assessment Criteria.


What better way to create software than by partnering with those who do the job for a living. Listening to the difficulties faced with other software, adding tools and features to help navigate real life problems, and ultimately creating a software package for you with lessons already learnt built in.


Combining the skills and experience of a  Lantra  Advanced Level Tree Inspector together with a Council Tree Inspector of over 35 years you know this Module will tick all the boxes in all the right places.


​Each Dialog Box Tab has a theme and has been carefully laid out to be both practical to use whilst out on Site and efficient in the use of your time. All together forming the comprehensive set of visual assessment criteria you see before you here. Criteria that assesses :

  • The Tree's general health, structural integrity and potential for failure.

  • The relationship of the Tree and recommended works with surrounding trees and the natural or built environment.

Use regularly as part of your ongoing tree management and maintenance plan. Set up automated Re-inspection Reminders.

Tree Safety & Risk Assessment Survey Report | Portable Mapper | Mold


Crown / Canopy Tree Buffering

Google Maps Integration. One button exports all your map screen features in to a format that snaps straight in to Google Maps Google Maps being freely available to anyone on any device large or small. Now share your map and tree data interactively with any colleague or client whether on laptop in the office or a mobile device out on site.

Scaled Crown & Tree Topple Risk Areas. Use the multi function 'Tree Survey Buffer' tool to produce accurately scaled Tree Trunks, Works Colour Categorised Crown Shapes and Tree Topple/Fall Areas. With the Topple Radius currently set at Tree Height + 18%

Tree Risk Assessment | Ecology & Tree Survey Software | Portable Mapper | Mold

Report Generation. One button exports all your BS3998 Tree data visible within the map window to Excel and PDF. Find all the RAW data in Excel or produce a professional looking report in PDF format. See sample illustration on the right

Drawing Export. Easily create professional looking drawings complete with your own companies branding in a choice of ISO sizes from A3 to A1. Just fill in the title block and Portable Mapper will automatically produce the rest for you based on the contents of your map window.

Tree Safety Assessment Report from Portable Mapper

Modular by Design


Portable Mapper is a modular designed program.


You will require the 'Base Program' and to that add as many 'Modules' as you wish.


For further information about the Base Program and Modules please use the links to the left or visit the upper menu bar.

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Portable Mapper for Students


We are delighted to announce that arboricultural students on a recognised course or apprenticeship can now use our  latest software  completely for free for a year.


To qualify for your free license :


  • Your main residence must be in England, Scotland or Wales and you are aged 16 years or older.

  • You are enrolled on any recognised arboricultural course offered by any UK based Accredited Training Provider.

To apply for your free license :




Upon receipt of application we aim to provide your free license within one working day. This may take longer if we are unable to verify any of your details provided. In the meantime please download and install our free fully functioning 7 day trial so that you can continue working. Your Free License will activate the Base Program for one year and include the BS5837 Tree Survey and BS3998 Tree Condition & Works modules.

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For speed and convenience choose from a selection of our pre-bundled options below. Exactly the same base program and modules, just pulled together to make buying from us that little bit simpler.

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1 x  Base Program Seat ( Single User License ) for 1 year

1 x  BS3998 Tree Condition & Works Module


1 x  Base Program Seat ( Single User License ) for 1 year

1 x  BS5837 Tree Survey Module

1 x  BS3998 Tree Condition & Works Module




Portable Mapper is a software supplier. We do not provide hardware although we can advise. Portable Mapper can not be held responsible for failed installations due to hardware not meeting the minimum specifications listed here.

By selecting 'Buy' and completing all subsequent mandatory sections you agree to purchase the Single User License (SUL) Portable Mapper base program and/or module(s) of your choice at the prices marked. A digital receipt will be provided but no invoice unless specifically requested. Unless already done so please download the latest trial software which includes all modules. Upon receipt of cleared funds you will be emailed your license key which will activate the base program for the period selected together with the modules purchased under the perpetual license. The Base Program is a licensable product and needs renewing periodically. Licensing must be continuous to ensure data integrity. The Base Program and Modules must not be transferred to another device, copied or redistributed in any form. Modules run perpetually, that is, once paid for will operate as long as the Base Program is licensed. We encourage you to use the fully functioning trial before purchase to ensure the product meets all your requirements.