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How secure is your data in the cloud ?

A subject that rumbles on in the minds of millions !

In reality our data can sometimes be safer in the cloud than on our own device as large companies employ strong security measures to keep our data safe, simply because their reputation will be at stake. But not all companies are the same and of course passing your data on to someone else to look after means they have access to it. The problem is knowing who to trust.

With Portable Mapper's Ecology & Tree Survey Software you can chose one of two options.

  1. A completely self contained Single User License version where everything is stored locally, to your own device.

  2. A server option where your own office server communicates direct with your on site devices.

With both these options from Portable Mapper you control where your own data is stored - It's not stored on someone else's cloud server !

Some things to consider if your data is currently being stored in the cloud ....

  1. Location of your data.

  2. Loss of data or access to data due to cloud service failure.

  3. Your data being shared with cloud service business partners or bought by a competitor.

  4. Inadequate onsite security or data security.

  5. Lack of Privacy Policy.

The rule of thumb is select a Cloud Server Host that has a good reputation and don't be afraid to examine their Privacy Policy. The Cloud Host policy, not the vendor's privacy policy.

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