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Why use Microsoft Windows ?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

A question I get asked a lot when most tablets are Mac or Android.

There are many reasons for using Windows but far the most important are Design Flexibility and Future Expandability.

You see Android and Mac iOS are really good on the security stakes but this comes at great cost. When producing an App you have limited scope to adapt or expand the program. You are in reality stuck with what you've got. If you're happy with this then great but what if you need more data capturing or, a new tool that automates a function for you to save time. What about when your company grows and expands ? What about compatibility and synchronising with the Office. Most are running Windows. These things just aren't possible to the same degree with Android and iOS ! And inevitably the software will have to be binned or replaced ultimately wasting precious time and money.

That is why over 75% of software developers use Windows. Simply because there are less constraints on what can or can't be achieved. Choosing Windows was an easy decision from a developer's point of view however I am very conscious that Microsoft were slow off the mark in the field of tablets, and thus it's going to be very hard to convince people to change.

When purchasing software you need to consider how it will grow as your company grows. Portable Mapper can adapt and expand with you.

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