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Say goodbye to the 'Please wait - Downloading' message whilst out on site ?

The 'Throbber' - One of the most hated of icons. Synonymous with frustration whilst it whirls away on screen and your only hope is to frantically wave your mobile around trying to get a signal. You're out on site tree surveying and you've lost your connection. You can't download any new maps and you can't synchronise with your Apps cloud server. OK you can preload some maps and you can work 'off line' for a bit. But let's be honest it's a pain !

Here at Portable Mapper we firmly believe you should have enough mapping data on your device to be able to navigate down to street level where ever you are in the country. So that's why mapping is installed on your device with the software. No more spluttering. Just smooth seamless map navigation.

But what about when you are surveying. All your data is saved to your own device. It can be backed up, exported or synchronised later but for now it's saved locally. And that means no more worrying about how many bars you have on your phone. You can just focus on what you came out to do. Survey !

Portable Mapper Ecology & Tree Survey Software

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