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NEW Tree Group Canopy & Hedgerows

At Portable Mapper we believe you know best. So when you said to us, 'a tree group canopy should be based on the shape of the trees within and not just a hand drawn shape'. We set to work. So here it is. An automatically produced shape surrounding your choice of trees and based on the crown dimensions of each tree. Then label as you wish. If each tree is considered identical in terms of canopy shape then just copy that tree as many times as you need before running the tool.

But we didn't stop there. You also asked us for a more realistic tree crown shape for maps and plans. And last but not least you said a hedge isn't always a thin line. So now you can create a hedge shape and while you're at it capture some basic information about the properties of that hedge too. All done with sliders and drop downs for ease of use.

And when all's done finish off with an Aerial photography or Mastermap back cloth.

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